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Municipality of Syros-Hermoupolis

Message from the Mayor of Syros-Hermoupolis


Dear visitors, dear friends, This webpage contains useful information about the traffic adjustments in our city during the summer period. The efforts made by all for a humane and hospitable Hermoupolis are bringing about results after an open communication and consultancy procedure aiming at the enhancement of our routine, life quality and the attractiveness of our island as tourist destination. The successful outcome of this effort greatly depends on the right and timely information of all and their sensitisation. The construction of this webpage, the means of electronic communication channels through the social media as well as the implementation of other promotional actions are all done towards this purpose. We hope that these will be effective enough so that we can enjoy a really beautiful city. Hermoupolis deserves this, we all deserve this!  

Nikolaos Leivadaras, Mayor of Syros-Hermoupolis





Parking capacity

More than 800 cars can be parked at the 9 available parking areas within the city