Announcement about the traffic adjustments coming into effect

Announcement about the traffic adjustments coming into effect

Announcement about the traffic adjustments coming into effect

Since the first day when the traffic adjustments in Hermoupolis came into effect for the summer period, the majority of the residents and of the visitors to the island have responded positively and in the spirit of good cooperation.

The Municipality is confident that with the passing of time there will be a universal adaptation of the citizens to the new traffic data, designed solely to improve our quality of life and the emergence of Syros and of Hermoupolis as an attractive and hospitable tourist destination.

Contributors to this effort are both the Cyclades Police Department and the Port Authority of Syros, whose officers patrol the entrance gates of the historic centre of Hermoupolis and its pedestrianised areas throughout the duration of the enforcement of the traffic measures. On the first days of the enforcement their role is informative and preventative. This does not mean, however, that the drivers who defiantly ignore these measures will not suffer the legal consequences.

For the convenience of the citizens and visitors, the city is connected with peripheral parking areas with capacity of over eight hundred and fifty (850) vehicles, two-hour free parking for all citizens and visitors in a roofed private parking area near IKA (P 6) and extension of urban transport services until the early hours.Note that the hours of the stores supply apply during the hours 07.30-10.30 and 14.30-17.30. Compliance of the suppliers with these measures is strictly controlled.

An active volunteers’ network participates in this effort and its members are present at key points throughout the enforcement of the traffic adjustments, with the purpose to inform the public and prevent entry into roads where the movement of vehicles is not permitted.

Obviously, the implementation of these measures has a degree of difficulty and its success is based on information available and cooperation among all of us.

Therefore, we invite you to embrace this new venture to finally make our island, which we love so much, as we dream it and as it really deserves it.